Out now on Moganga: Miguel O’Syrah – Rhinosaurus EP

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Miguel O’Syrah is back on Moganga with his Rhinosaurus EP. This EP features 2 tracks:

1.) Rhino
This 122 bpm monster sets itself apart from everything we’re hearing today. With suddle but strong marching drums and blazing horns, fragments of his signature afro percussion and a dash of climactic builds, we have a perfect cut for the 2016 festival season and beyond. After numerous live tryouts it was clear that this track brings something special to the dance floor.

2.) Saurus
The second track on the EP. An old fashioned 128 bpm beast for anyone who likes to do real damage behind the booth or on the dance floor. Without holding back this rhythm is put together with strong straight to the point drums, cutting synths & uplifting swooshes. Saurus is perfect for both clubs and festivals during primetime and NOT FOR OPENING sets. Together with Rhino this EP is made for everyone ;)

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